José Delgado on 05/22/2024

Ports Authority insists on selling the former Santa Isabel airport

It is a 52-acre property that the public corporation has been unable to sell on two occasionsAfter at least two formal attempts to sell the former Santa Isabel regional airport, the Puerto Rico Ports Authority (PRPA) this week launched a request for proposal (RFP) process to dispose of the 52 acres

J José Delgado
Manuel Guillama Capella on 05/22/2024

Grid stability essential to advance the transition to renewable energy

Although clean source targets focus on the generation sector, much of the investment is required for the transmission and distribution network, analyzed the Center for a New EconomyWhile the next few years could be the scene of debates on the most convenient ways to make Puerto Rico’s transition to

M Manuel Guillama Capella
Gustavo Vélez on 05/22/2024

Las prioridades del próximo gobernador o gobernadora

En menos de dos semanas habrán transcurrido las primarias y habrá más claridad con respecto al cuadro de candidatos de cara a las elecciones generales de noviembre del 2024.

G Gustavo Vélez